Monday, 01 July 2013 at 09:24 am

I've wanted to learn how to build web apps with webGL ever since I saw the crazy Unreal engine ported to HTML5 and webGL (as a side-note, three.js is a very popular javascript 3d library that leverages webGL). It has a lot of potential for data visualizations. Imagine a genome browser running on a GPU. It will be able to render millions of objects easily. 

I came across this developer preview library today of a framework that allows for data visualizations using webGL and webworkers for multi-threading:

It is only a developer preview. But it looks extremely cool.

Of course the down-side (as with anything running in a browser) is cross-browser compatbility. The framework seems to also use webCL which doesn't seem like it will be widely adopted anytime soon. Perhaps someone can make a modified Node-webkit?